Standard Finishes

Choose From Our 28 Standard Finishes

222-NAT 222-NAT Natural
312-HER 312-HER Heritage Walnut
232-OAK 232-OAK Oak
242-BLK 242-BLK Black
625-DSB 625-DSB Versaille Anigre
252-MAH 252-MAH Mahogany
262-WAL 262-WAL Walnut
264-HWC 264-HWC Wild Cherry
671-TCL 671-TCL Chocolate
749-OGB 749-OGB Gingerbread
302-ORG 302-ORG Pecan
712-LAN 712-LAN Truffle
292-TDW 292-TDW Mocha
226-SBC 226-SBC Coffee
750-GLW 750-GLW Corduroy
314-SDW 314-SDW Chestnut
626-DSR 626-DSR Figured Mahogany
689-NCJ-A 689-NCJ-A Oatmeal
713-DON 713-DON Chateau
751-IAC 751-IAC Bordeaux
286-SRO 286-SRO Toffee
282-TEK 282-TEK Teak
273-HNO 273-HNO Tangerine
326-TTY 326-TTY Canary
272-RED 272-RED Paprika
243-PUR 243-PUR Amethyst
323-TTB 323-TTB Sapphire
324-TTG 324-TTG Emerald

Custom stain matching also available. Call 888-745-0721 for more information.

NOTE: The samples shown on this page reflect only the color of the finish. Due to distinctive characteristics and nature of wood, minor variation to color, texture and grain may occur. Therefore, the furniture you receive may not be a perfect match to the samples shown. As the inherent features of the wood vary from forest to forest and from tree to tree, we cannot guarantee an exact match to the "NATURAL (222-NAT)" color chip. We do however, pre-sort components for best match and colour consistency from available stock.

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