Holsag Products Come Standard With Antimicrobial Finish

New chair finish will help protect customers from bacteria and some viruses

Lindsay, Ontario—December 16, 2020—Holsag, a manufacturer of fine wood and faux wood chairs, has announced a new product feature to help keep customers safe in the age of COVID-19. Starting in January of 2021, most products will come standard with a catalyzed lacquer finish that includes an antimicrobial coating. No upcharge will be applied for this crucial customer benefit.

“Holsag has long been known for its durable, long-lasting finish and quality construction,” said Wayne Cockburn, sales director for Holsag. “Doing it right has always been our priority. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began talking to our customers about how we could help in the struggle to keep surfaces clean and safe. As a result, our finish will now include a long-lasting antimicrobial coating. This coating adds a barrier of protection that helps keep surfaces cleaner by inhibiting the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew on the surfaces you touch.”

A wooden furniture finish that includes an antimicrobial formula prevents the growth of bacteria and some viruses. Products finished with this formula have been proven to be environmentally friendly while protecting the health of those who use the products by preventing the spread of germs.

“At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we questioned what could be done to make our products safer for the markets we serve,” said Scott Wilson, managing director of operations for Holsag. “In consultation with our valued customers, the most asked question was if the Holsag finish was Antimicrobial and how to best clean our product. We consulted our finishing supplier and worked with them to prove out a new antimicrobial additive that retains the benefits of our extremely durable, long-lasting finish while answering the needs of our valued customers.”

Learn more about this new product finish and how it works by visiting holsag.com/what-is-antimicrobial-coating. Find a list of the products that include this new finish by visiting our website, Holsag.com.

Holsag has served the senior living and hospitality markets for more than 20 years. The company takes great pride in using sustainably sourced wood for chairs crafted in North America. Holsag became a MITY Inc. product brand in January of 2017. Learn more at mityinc.com


About Holsag

Holsag is committed to delivering solid wood chairs manufactured in Lindsay, Ontario with fine European Beech hardwood that is sustainably sourced from forests in Europe. The company uses only the best materials for chairs crafted to serve customers in senior living, hospitality and education. A collection of faux wood chairs is manufactured to serve the healthcare, hospitality and senior living markets. Holsag joined parent company, MITY Incorporated, in January of 2017.

Other MITY product brands include MityLite®, Bertolini®, XpressPort® and BRODA®. Visit mityinc.com for details.

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