Having a creative and robust activities at your Senior Living Facility will improve the quality of life for your residents and help you attract new residents as well.

Providing an Activity Center on site is an important way for seniors to connect with others, which can help them stay healthy and independent.

This blog highlights furniture that is well suited to a Senior Living Activity Center and other senior events to help you determine which products will be the best fit for your facility.

This blog includes some tips and suggested furniture offerings to help you attract more seniors.

  • Practical chairs for bingo
  • Sturdy chairs for bridge & poker games
  • Sensible seating for other activities
  • Comfortable reading chairs for book clubs
  • Cozy chairs for knitting clubs
  • The Holsag promise
  • Benefits of solid wood seating
  • Product comparison chart

1. Practical chairs for bingo

bingo board

henry chairs

Bingo is a popular activity for seniors and offering Bingo at your center is a great option. It’s popular for good reason. Bingo gives seniors the opportunity to be social and it also helps seniors maintain hand-eye coordination and reflexes. The game can also improve mental flexibility and alertness.

The Henry Chair is a great option for bingo night. The chair features decorative brackets that fall along the edge of the seat and an elegant, fanned back. It is available with either an upholstered seat
or a solid wood seat.

Take a look at the Henry Chair >>

2. Sturdy chairs for bridge & poker games

playing cards

bulldog chairs

Although seniors often play bridge and poker for social interaction, there are also health benefits to these games. Both bridge and poker provide cognitive workouts that can foster an active and healthy brain. It also helps seniors exercise their short-term memory in addition to reasoning and problem-solving skills.

The Bulldog Arm Chair is a piece of strong furniture perfect for senior game rooms. The wood seats are sculpted at the factory to ensure a comfortable sitting position. The optional plush foam cushion with designer upholstery can provide additional comfort. The back slats are raised from the seat to allow for easy cleaning.

Take a look at the Bulldog Arm Chair >>

3. Practical chairs for activity rooms

arts and crafts

husdon chairs

An Activity Room can be a great source of enjoyment, stimulation, and social interaction for the members of your community. These rooms can contain areas devoted to games like chess and checkers as well as areas for crafts such as jewelry making.

The Hudson Accent Arm Chair is a great activity chair with an elegant sleigh back with a fully upholstered seat and integrated arms. The Accent Chair is available with four different outside back designs: Plain, Windowpane, Double X, and Art Deco. The fabric on the back of the chair is visible through each of the designs to complement your décor.

Take a look at the Hudson Accent Arm Chair >>

4. Comfortable reading chairs for book clubs


manova chairs

Joining a book club has many benefits for seniors. It can help them make new friends, gain new perspectives, encourage cultural awareness, and learn how to come out of their comfort zone. There are also mental benefits as well as social benefits including helping seniors maintain and even improve their communication skills and retain their memory.

The Palmanova Arm Chair is a comfortable reading chair with a plush foam padded seat and back. The elegant and distinctive styling of the chair provides a modern take on the classic arm chair. Palmanova Arm Chairs come with three distinct design options: the standard chair, the sloped arm chair, and the arched arm chair.

Take a look at the Palmanova Arm Chair >>

5. Cozy chairs for knitting clubs


malmo chairs

Research has shown that regular knitting has tremendous health benefits for seniors and joining a knitting club can help improve their minds, moods, and spirits. Knitting supports a healthy brain by keeping the mind sharp and creating new neural pathways. It can also provide social benefits and promote a positive outlook. Knitting has been shown to elevate mood and promote restful, soothing, and calm feelings.

The Malmo Arm Chair and Side Chair offer a comfortable place for seniors to sit while knitting or quilting. The chair features a curving backrest and strong hardwood frame . The durable design includes a wall-saver leg design to protect walls in any room.

Take a look at the Malmo Arm Chair >> View the Malmo Side Chair >>

campus chairs

The Campus 4 Chair is another great option. The chairs are extremely durable and comfortable, making them suitable for frequent, extended use. The chairs stack 4 chairs high, which is perfect for dynamic rooms where additional floor space may be needed. The seat is available with sculpted wood or an upholstered foam cushion.

Take a look at the Campus 4 Chair >>

england chairs

One more good option is the England Arm Chair and Bariatric Arm Chair, which stacks 6-chairs high. The upholstered back and seat provide comfort and accommodate added customization options.

Take a look at the England Arm Chair >> View the England Bariatric Arm Chair >>

antimicrobial graphic

Holsag chairs keep your community and employees safe!

All Holsag wooden chairs feature an antimicrobial finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, and some viruses.

Look Behind the Scenes >>

22 stain options

100s of upholstery options

design options graphic

faster lead times graphic

affordable pricing graphic

see why it's important to purchase chairs manufactured in north america

man in wood shop

All Holsag wooden chairs come with significant product benefits

Chair ROI

As you can see, there are many great seating options for senior programs at your community center.

This chart will enable you to compare the benefits of the seating options above to help you decide which products you need.

  Model Options Comfort Price Point Chair Back Seat Stacking Options

Henry Family

henry chair

• Side Chair
• Barstool
• Backless Stool
• Bench
*** $$ • Curved wooden slates raised from seat
• Generous gap between back & seat
Sculpted wood with optional 2.5-lbs cushion & upholstery n/a • In-line wheels
• Hooded ball casters
• Barstool kickplate
• Custom etching

Bulldog Family

bulldog chair

• Side Chair
• Barstool
• Backless Stool
• Bench

*** $$ • Curved wooden slates raised from seat
• Generous gap between
back & seat
Sculpted wood with optional 2.5-lbs cushion & upholstery n/a • In-line wheels
• Hooded ball casters
• Barstool kickplate
• Custom etching

Campus Family

campus chair

• Chair 2
• Chair 4

*** $ • Curved wood
• Gap between back & seat
• Fully upholstered 2.5-lbs foam padded 4 chairs • Interlocking ganging
• Custom Etching
• Book Box
• In-line Wheels

Hudson Family

hudson chair

• Arm Chair
• Accent Arm Chair
**** $$$ • Upholstered on front & back with 1.8-in foam
• Generous between back & seat
• Upholstered 2.5-lbs foam padded
• Webbed-mesh underside
n/a • In-line wheels
• Hooded ball casters

England Family

england chair

• Arm Chair
• Side Chair
• Bariatric Arm Chair
**** $$ • Fully upholstered & curved • Upholstered 2.5-lbs foam padded 6 chairs high • Bible box
• In-line wheels
• Interlocking ganging

Palmanova Family

manova chair

• Side Chair
• Barstool

**** $$$ • Fully upholstered 1.8-lbs foam padded • Fully upholstered 2.5-lbs foam padded
• Webbed-mesh underside
n/a • Barstool kickplate

Malmo Family

malmo chair

• Arm Chair
• Side Chair
• Barstool
**** $$$ • Curved with upholstered 1.8-lbs foam
• Gap between seat & back
• Upholstered 2.5-lbs foam n/a • Barstool kickplate

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