You may be surprised, but when it comes to chairs, the phrase “Made in North America” can be misleading.

Manufactured in North America

This means the entire chair is built in a North American Factory. All Holsag wooden chairs are manufactured in Lindsay, Ontario.

Made in North America

The final product may be constructed in the United States, but parts of the chair, such as the frame, could have been manufactured overseas. Holsag does offer a few faux wood chair options with frames that are manufactured overseas.

Why it Matters

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Quality control

When a manufacturer builds every part of the chair, the company can do more quality assurance testing. That’s why chairs manufactured in North America often have a strong warranty.

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Lead times

Chairs manufactured in the North America have an average lead time of six weeks. Chairs manufactured overseas have an average lead time of six to 12 weeks. That lead time can get even longer depending on the time of year and international challenges, such as the coronavirus and Chinese New Year.

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Chairs manufactured overseas might be less expensive than chairs manufactured in the North America. However, international politics can be a factor. For example, tariffs may cause a price increase.

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